We are Sreeleathers

The humble beginning of the brand Sreeleathers dates more than 3 decades ago, when Sri Satyabrata Dey came to Calcutta and started a business of selling footwear from a little shop on Lindsay street. At a time when wearing leather footwear was seen as a luxury, and the retail industry didn’t cater to the middle class population in India: he focused on making good quality leather footwear accessible to everyone.



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Our History

Sri Satyabrata Dey nurtured a dream to make durable and affordable footwear in India. As the market flooded with international brands, his patriotic heart wanted to create an Indian brand. His dream gained consumer confidence over the years and Sreeleathers expanded to become a pioneer in Eastern India. Despite all odds, financial instability, lack of support and Pressure from established competition in the market, the brand stayed true to its values.

“World Class. Right price!”

Shrimati Shipra Dey joined the business during the formative years of the company to help out Shri Satyabrata Dey.
The Sreeleathers we see today is the result of their consistent perseverance and uncompromising hard work.

The Lindsay street showroom(flagship store) holds the record for being the World’s Largest Single brand footwear store.
There are 42 stores in 10 states in India. Although Sreeleathers has limited number of stores, it’s retail performance and popularity make them a formidable footwear brand in the country.