The humble beginning of the brand Sreeleathers dates more than 3 decades ago, when Sri Satyabrata Dey came to Calcutta and started a business of selling footwear from a little shop on Lindsay street. At a time when wearing leather footwear was seen as a luxury, and the retail industry didn’t cater to the middle class population in India: he focused on making good quality leather footwear accessible to everyone.



We are grateful to have 40 dealerships across 10 states and work towards extending the Sreeleathers family carefully. Our headquarter focusses on establishing long term relationships with potential dealers which is why the selection process is stringent to protect their investment.



Our tagline, World Class Right Price, accurately describes our value proposition. We focus on making durable products and maintain lean margins to offer highly competitive pricing throughout the year.


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Blur Socio-Economic Lines

Blur Socio-Economic Lines

'Sreeleathers Specialises in Introducing Categories That Blur Socio-Economic Lines' 'Sreeleathers Specialises in Introducing Categories That Blur S...

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All our products are proudly Made In India.

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Kolkata, India

This city embraced us during our most vulnerable times and is responsible for making Sreeleathers a household name in Bengal. We are proud of our origin and hope to make the city proud too.