The history of the Company dates almost a century back. Late Suresh Chandra Day, the father of the company was a freedom fighter. It was a time when India was striving to fight the British rule in India. His only aim was to establish a pan-Indian independence. He was one amongst the handful of freedom fighters who had planned the jalalabad incident in 1930 to attack British capitalism and strive for self-reliance. It was a time when shoes were seen as a made of luxury which only the Englishman and the pro-Britishers could afford. It was a not basic amenity that the middle and the lower-middle class could think of.

He nurtured a dream to make durable and decent shoes that could be affordable for every Indian. This dream came true when Sreeleathers was founded, as a small and humble organization in jamsedpur. Following his footsteps, his next generation also carried on the same light and expanded the business to become a leader in Eastern India, gradually landing it an international dimension. Today, Sreeleathers caters to public demand not only with the widest range of shoes, but also with allied products and accessories. Over the years it has become a household name and the queues outside the stores during festivals are not only amazing but also unparalleled. This legendary success resulted from the simple principle, “World Class, Right Price”. With this motto the company has steadily established itself in the national as well as international markets.